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Marketing and Selling With B2B Data
By: David Fischer | SVP Sales & Account Management

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eXelate is the smart data and technology company that powers smarter digital marketing decisions worldwide.

eXelate exists to make digital media more relevant for consumers and more effective for marketers. Through software and data services, eXelate provides centralized data management, better consumer insights and more accurate ad targeting across all platforms.



Marketing and Selling With B2B Data

october 14, 2014

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers today is aligning marketing efforts to effectively support selling efforts. The B2B purchase process is complex. Marketers must develop a strong understanding of the decision makers that they are targeting. What is []

traffic regulation in america with traffic lights

Where Are the Auto Ad Dollars Going?

october 7, 2014

According to eMarketer, the auto industry spent $5 billion in 2013 on digital advertising. They are ramping up to spend $6.15 billion in 2014, an increase over 18% – and it will only continue to rise. If it keeps at []


The Ebola Virus: Fighting Misinformation

october 3, 2014
data snaX

After sweeping through Western Africa (and recently landing in Dallas), the Ebola virus has left thousands dead in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. While it’s true that Ebola is extremely dangerous with fatality rates over 50%, the fact remains []

eugene blog

Breaking Down Barriers Between Marketers and Consumers

september 30, 2014

We’ve said it before – the digital revolution has completely changed the way consumers research, evaluate, and buy products. While the consumer benefits, marketers are left to contend with escalating media fragmentation and the resulting loss of control over consumer []

Cobweb from colored threads

Weaving Together Consumers, Audiences, and Customers

september 23, 2014

The stages from browser to buyer that consumers embark on has been talked about frequently these days as the customer journey. There are several forms that journey is believed to take, from funnel to loop; however, the more important factor []

Businesswoman drinking coffee in restaurant

Understanding the Customer Data Life Cycle: The Pursuit of Consumer Identity

september 18, 2014
white papers

Marketers have it tough. Connecting CRM data, ad performance metrics and purchase history information is difficult. Technology giants are chipping away at your ability to control consumer relationships, and building walls around their data – data about your customers. eXelate’s []

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