To B or to B2B?
By: Frannie Danzinger | VP Strategic Solutions

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Understanding the Customer Data Life Cycle: The Pursuit of Consumer Identity

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How to Build a Great Data Science Team


As Seen In: CiteWorld Enterprises that want to launch big data initiatives — or even more ambitiously, seek to create[…]


To B or to B2B?


I <3 B2B.  B2B is everywhere.  B2B is powerful.  B2B is mysterious.  B2B is sexy.  B2B is a team sport. […]


#SummerSeriesCHI: Data-Driven Marketing Panel


eXelate’s Summer Series Chicago featured a panel on data-driven marketing that focused on strategies marketers can use that fuel results and revenue. What[…]


Who Is Your Customer? Approaches to Audience-Based Advertising from eXelate


As Seen In: TechRepublic Barriers to audience-based ads are falling due to advances in programmatic media. eXelate’s CEO talks about[…]


eXelate Chosen as Preferred Partner to Distribute Semasio Audience Data in Germany


Partnership Will Contribute to Growth of German Digital Ad Market by Providing Access to More Than 50 Million Targetable Users[…]

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Mobile: Marketing For the Future


Mobile devices are arguably the most important tool for marketers ever to be invented. These devices offer access, context, utility,[…]


The Rise of Bitcoin

data snaX

Though it was a relatively unknown trend until fairly recently, eXelate now sees hundreds of thousands of unique users every[…]

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eXelate Introduces B2BX Data-as-a-Service to Power Digital Marketing Outreach to High Value B2B Audiences


Exclusive Data From Compass Ventures to Anchor the Footprint of Data on More Than 100 Million Professionals; Seasoned B2B Pros[…]

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