news - may 8, 2012

eXelate Data and Turn Platform Meld, Promising More and Faster Decisions

By: Brian LaRue
As Seen In: Adotas

ADOTAS – Data management and marketing company eXelate has integrated its data into audience insights provider Turn‘s audience platform, the two companies jointly announced today. With Turn boasting nearly 700 million anonymous user profiles on hand and over 30 billion ad-targeting decisions made per day, and with eXelate claiming to handle data pertaining to 350 million users across 1,000 audience segments, the integration aims to increase the scale available to marketers working with them as well as the accuracy with which users are shown online ads, and to provide a more centralized location for data and media management. A statement issued by eXelate today went so far as to say bringing its data into Turn’s platform provides “the highest audience overlap” on the market — the greatest combination of unique data and reach.

The two companies had already been working together “for a while,” eXelate CRO Damian Garbaccio explained in a conversation last week, but as he put it, “Growth has hockey-sticked over the last couple months.” Results of the partnership (“a lot of it is server to server,” he explained of that growth) suggested the two companies bring their products and services a little closer together for the sake of efficiency and precision.

“They’re a leader,” Garbaccio says of Turn. “They represent a bunch of brands that are doing a ton of interesting things with data.” He explained that because of the real-time capacities of the Turn platform, that company’s technology can pull in data from eXelate, then action that data with exceptional efficiency, and then “immediately go and acquire more data” from eXelate’s data sets. And the integration is consistent with how Garbaccio described part of eXelate’s overall mission: “Best data plus best delivery.”

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