our data mangement platform:
a unified approach to audience
based marketing

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our data management platform (DMP) provides the industry’s only unified customer profiles, which connect customer identities across all formats – including display, video, audio, offline, mobile and smart TVs – enabling marketers to engage individuals and households with personalized messages to drive performance, at scale.

It delivers the ability to manage and activate first- and third-party data for enhanced customer analytics, industry leading audience modeling, and highly accurate targeting across all screens via integrations with more than 125 platforms.

our DMP allows you to:


more data


Unlimited access to our demo, intent, and purchase data on almost 5B unique users is built in. Only we can deliver fixed 3rd party data costs for predictable ROI.


better models


Native modeling based on signal-level data delivers the highest ROI prospects.


more reach


We offer massive distribution across the top 125 media platforms. No one has better connections to find your audience across mobile, video, display, audio and smart TV.


sharper insights


Our real-time offline/online profiling and attribution lets you track results on demand from action to sales.

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