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our data marketplace is for those seeking to target the right online audience. The online data marketplace provides smart data to maximize the return on audience targeting and is composed of premium demo, interest, and intent data from some of the most trusted names online. Our unique Data-as-a-Service (DAAS) solution unlocks the full value of your media. With the cost certainty of a subscription service, worry about execution, not pricing.

accurate – third party verified and granular

actionable – global reach across platforms

agile – real-time and flexible

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data marketplace value


the most accurate smart data available for audience targetingverified by Nielsen DAR


maximizes audience reach across any platform, anywhere5B unique users and devices worldwide, 200+ online data providers, mobile browsing data, and trillions data points served monthly


improves speed to outcome through real-time and flexible data feeds always-on data feed, updates 23 million data points per minute, and custom modeling that scales

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