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The Personalization Primer

5 Questions You Need When Considering A DMP

Better Engage & Measure Across Devices

Reducing Wasted Impressions

3 Steps to Winning More Customers With Big Data

3-Steps To Implementing A Killer Data Strategy

Understanding the Customer Data Lifecycle Part 2: Modeling Data to Create Audiences at Scale

Understanding the Customer Data Life Cycle Part 1: The Pursuit of Consumer Identity


Nielsen to Acquire Data Specialist eXelate


Check Out CEO Mark Zagorski Interview with Beet.TV @IABALM

Fiksu Expands Data Integration, Mobile Intelligence and Targeting With New Partnerships

Car Brands Are Starting to Get the Marketing Data That They’ve Always Wanted

eXelate, using J.D. Power O2O Data, Introduces Real-Time Closed Loop Auto Measurement Solution

Exelate’s Zagorski: Walled Gardens Go Against the Interest of Marketers

The Myth of the CMO’s Super-Short Shelf Life

data snax

Online Footprint of the NYC Marathon

The Ebola Virus: Fighting Misinformation

The Rise of Bitcoin

Fantasy Football Findings

The World Cup

Top Summer (Dream) Vacation Spots

Mother’s Data: Most Browsed Gift Ideas for Mom

Before Your Watch Begins: eXelate Data and Game of Thrones

suggested reading

Marketing Executives Reveal Their 2015 Success Tactics

The Data Management Platform Unleashed

Marketing Data Technology: Cutting Through the Complexity

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