blog - september 16, 2014

To B or to B2B?

by: Frannie Danzinger | VP Strategic Solutions

I <3 B2B.  B2B is everywhere.  B2B is powerful.  B2B is mysterious.  B2B is sexy.  B2B is a team sport.  B2B is most definitely NOT dead! This week I officially join eXelate and bring my passion and longevity in B2B marketing to the forefront of its being.  Armed with 24+ years of experience in the space, everything digital is in my DNA – data, technology, marketing and more.   I cannot wait to share my strategic ideas on how to apply the assets and tools that B2B companies inherently have at their core to this brave new world where data-as-a-service opens the floodgates.

I say this loud and clear: B2B marketers, don’t be afraid – join me on this creative journey to places that may feel temporarily uncomfortable, but will make a difference for your customers – and that’s what really matters in the end. There’s a lot of buzz around the nomenclature and significance of B2B, specifically around the legitimacy of using more traditional tools and methods for B2B success.  It is critical to remember that the B2B decision maker is not just one person, but rather a complex team of individuals, solving even more complex problems with high stakes.  Knowing your B2B audience matters as 95%+ of B2B decisions are made prior to a conversation with a ​prospect ever ​occurring. Data is essential to the equation – reaching your prospective audiences early on in the buy cycle and understanding the prospect’s journey and behaviors are critical for success.

Two of the most important things I’ve learned over the years from legends in the B2B space are “fail fast” and “done is better than perfect.” So what are you waiting for?  I look forward to hearing about your B2B challenges, goals and aspirations and helping to build strategic solutions to make your B2B business more successful, while having a little fun along the way – find me at or on LinkedIn and learn more about eXelate!

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