blog - september 30, 2014

Breaking Down Barriers Between Marketers and Consumers

by: Eugene Becker | SVP Platform Strategy

We’ve said it before – the digital revolution has completely changed the way consumers research, evaluate, and buy products. While the consumer benefits, marketers are left to contend with escalating media fragmentation and the resulting loss of control over consumer relationships.

The growing control over consumer identity by a handful of media and technology companies further compounds this challenge.  Giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have all gained unprecedented insight into the consumer’s media consumption and how it drives purchase behavior.  In doing so, they have created walled gardens of information that represent another gate between the marketer and the consumer.

Marketers need to find new ways to reestablish their customer relationships and counterbalance the growing negotiating leverage of their increasingly data savvy media vendors.  With this in mind, eXelate has developed the Customer Data Life Cycle – our blueprint for a comprehensive data strategy .  The Customer Data Life Cycle encapsulates the best practices marketers need to:

  • Create a unified consumer profile,
  • Find high value prospects,
  • Reach prospects more places, and
  • Glean insight and track ROI.

Our latest white paper, Understanding the Customer Data Life Cycle: The Pursuit of Consumer Identity, delves deeper into consumer identity and strategies to cement customer bonds. Download your copy and as always, drop us a line if you have any questions.

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