blog - october 14, 2014

Marketing and Selling With B2B Data

by: David Fischer | SVP Sales & Account Management

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers today is aligning marketing efforts to effectively support selling efforts. The B2B purchase process is complex. Marketers must develop a strong understanding of the decision makers that they are targeting. What is even more important for marketers is to understand when their message can be most effective in the buying process. What are the inflection points that matter? How do you best influence target decision makers? In short, marketers must know who their audience is, when to reach them and what message to deliver depending on where they are in their customer decision journey.

This is no easy challenge. The B2B buying process can change quickly depending on market conditions, competing priorities, and client turnover, among other factors. That being said, marketers have more data than ever at their disposal. Never before have they had the ability to reach their target audience so effectively and efficiently. Audience targeting gives marketers the power to provide incredible air coverage to their sales organizations. By collaborating closely with their sales teams to understand the nuances of the customer buying journey, marketers can develop more intelligent and effective advertising and messaging strategies. First party and third party data are critical in aligning marketing to sales efforts.

Marketers: the power is in your hands and the opportunity is here now. The challenges facing B2B marketers require much deeper collaboration between marketing and sales and data is the key to driving this collaboration. We would love to hear what’s working and what’s not. We can be reached at

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