blog - september 9, 2014

Mobile: Marketing For the Future

by: Doug Campbell | SVP Strategic & Corporate Development

Mobile devices are arguably the most important tool for marketers ever to be invented. These devices offer access, context, utility, and for the data folks out there, “signal” in ways that are shifting both consumer and marketing paradigms. Correspondingly, these shifts have and will continue to create large revenue opportunities for companies who execute well against them.

The personal nature and omnipresence of our mobile devices represents the Holy Grail for marketing. We now have the ability to truly understand what is relevant to a consumer and offer a convenient way to act on that information.

Mobile offers marketers a way to help with discovery of a product or service, increase loyalty around it, and introduce related products or services when relevant. The secret here is the actionable understanding of your user. First, develop a granular understanding of everything about your current (or target) users. For example, how they use your product or service, when they use it, why they use it and who those users really are – life stage, age, gender, etc. Second, using that understanding, assemble a sensible set of actions for your users based on their needs or desires.

This means that data (no surprise) is the foundation of the insights that will build a marketer’s ability to get, keep and grow their consumers. Data and insights have always formed the base of marketing but now we have a device that allows a marketer to “live” with a consumer as they discover, use and reuse their product or service like no time in the past, and that digital footprint can now be mined to better understand what is relevant to a consumer and when it is relevant.

To gather the mobile data you need, you need a reason for people to interact with you on their mobile devices. How will your consumers get value from your app or mobile site? It can be loyalty based like Coke Rewards, it can be service based like Uber, or it can be game based like Foursquare. It can even be tangentially related to your product like the Charmin “SitOrSquat” app that finds public restrooms near your location. Whatever you create, it must provide real value to your consumers. And don’t forget to ask for the consumers’ permission to collect data – addressing privacy concerns of your users is an important part of the mobile experience.

Once you have a base of data, it will take some hard work to identify actionable insights and determine how you use those insights to best accomplish your goals. This is a massively important part of the future of marketing, so get started now and if you already have, be sure you focus on creating value for your consumer and building a strong dataset of users and user behaviors. This base will serve you well into what promises to be an awesome future.

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