data snaX - august 1, 2014

Fantasy Football Findings

fantasy football siteAre you ready for some football? It’s about that time of year; the 2014 NFL season is almost underway. Before you kick back, indulge in some beer and wings, and watch the first game of the season with the rest of your buddies, is your fantasy lineup ready for kickoff? With the fantasy sports industry growing exponentially, we decided to take a look at the average fantasy football gamer, their interests and train of thought leading into draft day.

Besides looking to get the upper hand on their friends in their upcoming fantasy football league, what else are these players interested in? Our studies showed that the majority of fantasy football players are most often young men living in rural and exurban areas, although they cut across large swaths of society. Based on the overall interests of fantasy football players, some of the top areas of interest include sports cars, televisions, and travel to Las Vegas – perhaps for the draft?

For any fantasy gamer, draft day may be one of the most stressful days of your life. We wanted to know who the most researched players in the NFL are as well as what positions are most likely to be researched in the upcoming draft. The top two researched players are Bishop Sankey, running back for the Tennessee Titans, and Johnny “Football” Manziel, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Which positions are these gamers most likely to select to fill out the rest of their lineup? Running back finished at the top of the list and wide receiver and quarterback tied for the second most interest with tight end, defense, and kicker following.

Luckily, eXelate can target all these segments for you…not only giving insight for your upcoming fantasy football draft, but helping you find this growing market segment as well!

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