data snaX - may 2, 2014

Mother’s Data: Most Browsed Gift Ideas for Mom

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is trying to find the perfect gift. Over the past four weeks, hundreds of articles on Mother’s Day have appeared on sites across the web. Traffic to articles about gift ideas especially has surged in the past two weeks, reflecting the love we feel for our mothers – and also the slight sense of panic we feel while scrambling to be sure we have a gift in time. Traffic has manifested across a range of eXelate’s consumer segments as well, with large spikes seen in intent to purchase women’s fashion, jewelry, chocolate and flowers as we approach Mother’s Day.

Women’s fashion shopping showed the largest increase over the past four weeks, with most of the additional traffic appearing in the past seven days. Flowers, perhaps the most traditional gift, have shown a smaller increase so far. Nevertheless, our crystal ball predicts that flowers will take a big lead in last few days before the holiday.

Although you might expect men to need the most help buying Mother’s Day gifts, they aren’t acting like it. While men and women are both shopping for gifts in largely equal numbers, 65% of the browsers choosing to research gifts through articles and web sites are female. Be sure you’re ready before May 11!

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