data snaX - november 7, 2014

Online Footprint of the NYC Marathon

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People travel from all over the world to participate in the New York City Marathon, but nowhere is the event more popular than in the Big Apple itself! The marathon invites the entire city to get involved – the course runs through all five boroughs – but are all New Yorkers equally invested? We evaluated NYC readership of the many marathon articles that appeared on major Internet publications and local news sites pre-race. Our course map shows that a borough’s interest in the race and its presence in the route are not unrelated. Marathoners run far more miles in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the two boroughs indexing highest for marathon interest, than they do in any other borough.

Much of the buzz about the marathon is generated post-race, as the performances of top runners are reviewed across the web. This year, even more highly trafficked than articles on the men’s and women’s race winners, Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany, were stories on professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki’s marathon experience. As you can see in our Venn diagram, news on Caroline attracted more users than the news on the other two runners combined. The most overlap, however, as a percentage of total audience, was between the two winners, Mary and Wilson.

The audiences reading about these popular marathon figures each indexed highly for our Sports and General Interest – News and Current Events segments, but the group reading about Caroline indexed especially high. Perhaps interest in a tennis star’s performance in a contest outside of her domain points to a special dedication to sports, or a penchant for hot news topics. Caroline’s followers also showed the strongest indices for gender – they were 44% more likely to be female than other eXelate users – while the only audience indexing below one for our Gender – Female segment was Mary’s.

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