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Before Your Watch Begins: eXelate Data and Game of Thrones

Before Your Watch Begins

Drawing near is Sunday night’s premiere of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, the popular HBO show with an immensely intricate  plot, over 100 characters, and laws, lands, and languages all its own.  We figured fans could use a recap of the series so far, so we analyzed our data to create a visual representation of each episode from the first three seasons.

To capture the key components of each episode, we examined user viewing patterns on our partner site Wikia, which maintains thousands of articles on the Game of Thrones Wiki, covering each season, episode, character, and important topic in the series.  We analyzed the activity of users visiting each episode page, singling out the articles users read in conjunction with that episode page more often than with other episode pages.  The three topics that correlated most strongly with each episode page are illustrated in each panel in our graphic.

Often the topics users associate with an episode are characters who make either their first or last appearance in that episode.  Mance Rayder, Jojen Reed, and Olenna Tyrell, for example, are all representative topics of the episodes they debut in, while Ros and Jeor Mormont, as well as their killers, are depicted in the panel of the episode of their murder.  Major characters are sparse in our graphic; with significant milestones in many episodes, their pages are browsed along with many episode pages, not one in particular.  The season panels, created from a similar analysis, feature plenty of major characters, many of whom died or did not return after the season they represent.

If you’re wondering why a topic might be linked to an episode or season, click the topic to learn more!

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