data snaX - june 27, 2014

The World Cup

0627 world cup site

With the World Cup firmly under way and the United States advancing to the knockout stage, eXelate has to chime in. We teamed up with two of our high quality data providers, Neustar and MasterCard Advisors, to get a good look at the action. We looked at both World Cup fans here in the states and those Americans willing to travel to Brazil to see the cup live.

Our Neustar data about fans watching the games here on TV showed us much of what we might expect to see. Soccer fans were concentrated among America’s largest urban centers. Our highest indexing states contained America’s three largest cities: Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Other states with large numbers of World Cup fans included Maryland, Washington and New Jersey. Basically, if you have no reason to own a boat, you probably don’t watch the World Cup. Further, they tended to be male and in their twenties and thirties.  Huge drop-offs exist among those older than 55 or younger than 25.

Among people interested in traveling to Brazil to watch the cup, income was extremely important. Individuals making less than 60K showed less interest in travel, whereas people making more than 125K annually are 225% more likely to travel than the average American. Travel for the cup also correlates with many other lifestyle traits – those interested are far more likely to own a hybrid vehicle, have rewards credit cards and speak Spanish. Conversely, travel correlates negatively with living in a rural area.

Luckily, eXelate can target all these segments for you….not just the World Cup watchers and travelers, but the associated segments as well!

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